YUROSAKO is a generative anime art project and consists of 3939 character. The collection SOLD OUT in less than 40 hours during the hardest bear market!

It’s a mobile fighting game for both IOS and Android, an 80% of the microtransaction profit will be distributed to the eligible holders.

For all who minted 15 of YUROSAKO NFTs. You can also get the passive income from the secondary market by buying and holding at least 30 of YUROSAKO NFTs in order to start the passive income.

Yes, buy and hold +30 of YUROSAKO NFTs to be eligible.

Not eligible, you need to buy and hold at least 30 of YUROSAKO NFTs to be eligible in this case.

The OG MASKS will boost and increase your passive income, each Mask will increase the profit percentage (Maximum boost is 30 MASKS)

MISAKI is a $1 mint drop. The collection is coming soon and will consists of 1,700 pieces and limited to 1 mint per wallet.

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