Terms & Conditions

This is a thorough explanation of the Yurosako OG collection with details for all utilities for the collectors/holders. These terms and conditions are done by “Yurosako” team.


1. Limited Edition Hoodie Giveaway

  • As a holder of the Yurosako OG collection, you will be eligible to participate in a random giveaway of 1 limited edition Hoodie.
  • Shipping costs are included if the winner shipping address is in the United States. Otherwise, the winner must pay for shipping.
  • To be eligible you only have to hold your NFT on your crypto.com/nft wallet and not have it listed on the market for 168 hours after end of drop to participate the giveaway.
  • Holders must fill out the google form that Crypto.com will send via email to the holders in order to be eligible for the hoodie giveaway.

2. Early access to YUROSAKO drop

  • All the holders of this OG collection will be eligible to get an early access to Yurosako NFT. Yurosako NFT will be released a couple of weeks after this OG drop.

3. OG tag in YUROSAKO discord server

  • As a holder of this OG collection, you will get an OG tag on your name in Yurosako Discord Server.
  • To active your OG tag you have to join our discord server then verify your NFT Ownership.
  • This OG tag will be unique and limited only for the OG holders.


– All personal information of collectors is stored in our secure cloud storage.

– Only the founders of the “Yurosako” have access to collectors’ email addresses and will only be used to keep them informed of developments.

– The “Yurosako” provides privacy and security of the collectors’ information under the law and will not share with third parties.

Crypto.com accepts no responsibility in respect the quality and/or distribution of prizes or items attached which shall be the sole responsibility of the Contributor. The Terms and Conditions of the giveaway shall be a binding agreement between you and the Contributor only, and you accept that Crypto.com shall incur no liability in relation to the terms attached.

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