In the year 2100, scientists had developed and mastered the craft of time travel. They established different machines for that purpose and were incrementally updated to make them  smaller in size and more efficient in function. At Public Security Intelligence Agency (PSIA) headquarters, they were worried about a machine that had gone missing, purportedly stolen by a criminal and he was using it to go back in time as well as the future to live his fantasies, kill and wreak havoc on the communities and it was disturbing the streamlined linear time which  was crucial for the stability of the present and promise of the future. Alongside the machine,  they had made special time travel GPSs that could track the individual who had used the  machine in an unauthorized way and pinpoint his exact coordinates as well as the year he had  gone too.  


The time travel machines were built purely as a scientific pursuit at first but then the  governments around the world classified it as a matter of national security and took over the  research and development of time travel machines. It was a closely guarded secret in Japan  and people were not made aware of any such development for worries of anarchy in the society.


The criminal who had stolen the machine did so from the headquarters, he was a trained officer  in the military and worked for the intelligence agency and when the knowledge of time travel  machines known as Halo Machines made their way to his ears, he sabotaged the prototype  studio, killed the staff working on it and used it to go back in time to do as he pleased.

The director of the intelligence was worried about the situation and asked for the best agent  from the Golden Division, an elite group of ex-soldiers turned spies, recruited for top-secret undercover missions. The agency quickly went to work and recommended YuroSako as a candidate for taking such a daunting task of travelling back and forth in time and killing the devil incarnate destroyer of peace and harmony.  


YuroSako made her way to the director’s office and was briefed on the mission. She was given the top-notch halo machine, three masks, and a weapon with spikes to protect and attack the criminal. Three masks were maroon, blue and black in colour and had to be worn at all times. The masks had the power to change her appearance to the people of the past and future. To herself, she will look and remain the same but to those people’s eyes, she would look like one of them, perfectly fitting in. The spiked round that she was given could be thrown anyway with a flexible chain attached to it, to pull it back. It was also magnetic as well as could burn and set fire to anything that was the target. Her mission was simple, she had to trace the criminal back in time and neutralize him in whatever way necessary. She had the tools and skills necessary for such a mission and was born ready for such an endeavour to cleanse the worlds of past and  future of evil.


Her halo machine was so small that it could be worn as a necklace, in the form of a three headed spinner. All she had to do was think of a year and place and tap the necklace and it would open a portal from which she could time travel. She readied herself to jump to the past where the criminal had gone, 1840 to be exact, to a small town in rural China. She tapped her necklace and was devoured by the portal that opened behind her and she landed herself in a small town in imperial China.  


She was wearing her maroon mask and so her appearance changed to people around her and therefore she was able to remain undercover without turning any heads. She quickly scouted  the premises and found people tending to their farm animals, some travelling around with sheep  to the market, some were buying dairy and fruits from the marketplace. She evaded eye contact  and asked one merchant if there had been any murders in the town.  


He pointed her to the house and made her way to an old and dilapidated house where a small  girl sat at the front door. She asked him about who killed her father and she described a  mysterious figure in back robes and was visibly terrified looking at him and could not go on  explaining. Yurosako’s GPS rang letting her the location of her being three blocks away in an  alley. She stood up, caressed the little girl and ran to confront the criminal. She saw the mysterious figure in the alley joking with some odd-looking people and shouted at him to  surrender himself and come back to present with him to answer for his sins.  


Her mask did not shield her from his prying eyes and he could see that she came from the present looking for him. He said to her in a menacing voice, ‘You are a little late my friend, see I  have already done what I wanted to do and was admiring the beauty of this town before I make  my next voyage.’ YuroSako knew immediately that he did not plan to stay for long and threw the  spiked globe at him, but he was clever enough to see it coming and tapped his machine,  opened the portal and disappeared. 


She quickly tracked his jump with the help of the GPS and found out that he had gone to the  year 2133, to the capital city of South Korea, Seoul. She tapped her necklace, wore the blue  mask and jumped to Seoul in 2133, the future. She saw to the amazement of her eyes, flying  

cars and suspended bridges but had to ignore all that given the expedience and priority as well  as the high stakes of the mission and searched for the criminal.  


He was located two blocks down in a bar. She also saw police vehicles with sirens and  assumed that the worst might have already happened and ran with lightning speed to halt his adventure. She gave up the thought of catching him alive and had to neutralize him. She approached the bar and saw the criminal, who went by the name Haru, coming out of the bar  with blood dripping down his hands. She launched the spiked ball with chains at him and it hit him in the abdomen. He crashed down and saw YuroSako walking towards him confidently and  angrily. 


As she approached him, he punched her in the groin and stabbed her in the liver and started  running, almost limping. YuroSako recovered herself, took out the knife, and ran after him. The  chase occurred in the middle of the Seoul square and it was rush hour and there was plenty of  traffic. She launched the fiery ball at him and he evaded it. She got her electric baton from her  back and threw it at him and it hit him in the waist. He stumbled but continued on, and knew that  he could not outrun her and tapped the halo machine without thinking of any time or place, the portal opened in front of him and walked through it to disappear as the portal closed in YuroSako’s face. 


She had failed twice by now and screamed at the top of her voice, she had only one mask left and so the next confrontation had to be final and lethal and she could not afford to let him flee  again. She tracked and found him in 2022, Tokyo. She wore the red mask, opened the portal  and travelled to the top of a skyscraper in the middle of the city. It was a helipad and Haru was  waiting there for someone or something. 


She looked at him and charged, launched the spiked globe at him only to see it rebuffed by  Haru with a metal arm. The chain of the fiery ball was detached to make it unusable and she had to fight hand to hand. She took her electric baton in her left hand, Hura stood up with a  metal right hand and charged at each other. YuroSako attacked with the baton only to see it land on his metal arm to no effect.  


Hura grabbed the baton, lowered it and punched YuroSako in the ribs. She fell down and saw no  way of winning the situation but giving up was not in her veins and stood up. Hura punched her in the neck, face and groin and her bones howled with pain. She was no match for the metal arm. The next he attacked with the arm, she defended with both her arms and kicked him in the groin with her legs. She bruised his face with her panther-like nails. She administered blows up  and down his body and he crashed on her feet. She saw the chainless globe laying nearby, picked it up, opened his mouth and pushed it into his mouth. His face turned red from the heat  and exploded into pieces. 

YuroSako picked up her baton, the spiked ball and took the halo machine from his dead body and got back to PSIA Headquarters.

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